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Transforming data into value for everone


Transforming data into value for everone

Marketing has never been so complex. Each year marketers spend more money on ads, intensifying the war for consumer attention. Though there are more opportunities to connect with consumers in thoughtful, effective ways, the majority of messages are still untargeted, irrelevant, and wasteful. 

Acxiom delivers the data foundation marketers need to simplify customer engagement and deliver the right message to the right person wherever they are today—and where they’ll be tomorrow. By connecting systems and data through a common understanding of consumer identity, we enable marketers to work smarter, quicker, and more effectively. Our open technology and services make it safe and easy to activate data anywhere, so marketers can increase revenue, measure sales impact, and deliver seamless customer experiences at scale.

We believe companies that learn to deliver seamless onmi-channel experiences will reap the greatest rewards—as evidenced by the exponential success of our clients.

 Powering a World Where All Marketing Is Relevant

While our competitors seek to drive lock-in by promising to do everything, we are hyperfocused on excelling at a few hard things that really matter, giving our clients the flexibility to work with any technology platform, agency, or data provider.

●     We manage data for nearly half of the Fortune 100.

●     We enable our clients to reach more than 2.2 billion consumers worldwide.

●     In 2016, we received the Citi Innovation Partner Award.

●     In 2015, we received the Walmart Services Multichannel Award.

●     Our clients have received over 40 awards, including DMA Marketer of the Year, the DMA Innovation Award, and the Gartner     & 1to1  Media CRM Excellence Award.

●     Our partner ecosystem has nearly doubled in size for the past four years and includes over 550 technology vendors, data            providers, and publishers.


We’re evolving each and every day with our clients... I’m looking forward to showcasing the next capability which will leapfrog the competition both organizationally and technically.
— Michael Menzer, VP Sales & Client Management

Do not just take our word for it - our industry feels the difference too!   

Growth Segments Becoming Larger Part of Business: Acxiom has been transforming its business in the last five years. Acquisitions such as LiveRamp, Arbor, and Circulate continue to increase the company’s exposure to high-opportunity areas, while divestitures such as Impact effectively prune lower performing businesses. These strategic actions, alongside continual business mix shift from varying growth rates, have driven a material change in the makeup of the company.
— William Blair, Equity Research 2017
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Winning with our clients starts with inspiring our associates.

Although our teams are scattered across the globe, we are united in our 2017 refreshed values: inspire trust, learn passionately, create possibilities, and win together. These principles put every project, meeting, and deadline into a bigger context, increasing employee morale and helping us achieve our business goals.

Opening the Door for Conversations

Clarity is key to cultivating an open, engaging environment where associate feel free to question and communicate with their leaders. Throughout the past year,  Acxiom’s leadership has focused on sharing ideas, insights and information in an open, honest and straightforward manner. We understand the need for transparency and have increased our communications through frequent all-hands meetings, digital communications, and one-on-one associate communication.  

Human Centered Design Thinking

How we bring innovation to our associates, clients and industry starts with thinking differently. By equipping our teams with the right tools, process and philosophies, get our people to speak the same language. It’s all about keeping the end “customer” in mind first when designing, implementing or fixing a solution. 

We're There For You When Life Happens

Team - Together Everyone Achieves More. Through the best times and when things get hard, we've got each other's back and also love to celebrate life. Teamwork for us is the cornerstone of our culture! 

Our Acxiom Cares program was started as a grassroots effort from a group of passionate associates in 2001. We have reimagined the way Acxiom gives back to the community and realize Acxiom can make the biggest impact by combining dollars and time. We have aligned our giving guidelines and priorities with our vision, mission, and values.