A moment of truth – that pivotal moment that reinforces your brand, your values and what makes a company special. For us, the moments of truth begin when a candidate hears about Acxiom and extends through their last day as they become alumni. Together, these moments contribute to an end to end experience that reinforces why someone should join Acxiom, why they should stay or continue their career success beyond Acxiom.

These are the moments that matter most, and these are the ones we want to get right.  

Diversity Drives Innovation

To be an innovative growth company, we value and seek out a diverse workforce. Today, Acxiom is made up of 41% females and 59% males in our workforce – better than the 29% female overall technology benchmark! But diversity isn’t just gender, it’s multidimensional – it’s generations, global experience, veteran status, gender preference, ethnicity, location, leadership styles, and much more.  

This diversity is what drives innovation. We look for individuals who can bring their diverse experiences, thoughts, styles, and background. In addition to the technical skills needed for positions, we look for leadership potential plus how well people fit with our culture and values. We are a tech company and like all tech companies, we seek results-oriented team players with an entrepreneurial spirit - but we also look for potential to do more than what you joined us for. We look for insightful individuals who are strategic, willing to challenge the status quo, passionate and have a “yes, we can” attitude. 

People who connect with our values of Passion, Accountability, Creativity, and Teamwork when describing their experience or what they are looking for in an employer - we take strong notice!
— Neal Hardin VP of Talent Acquisition

How We Determine the Best of the Best

We receive and talk to a lot of talented people around the world who are potential fits for the company. We also recognize this is the first and second “moment of truth” a candidate has with Acxiom, and it’s important to us that they feel comfortable and welcomed throughout their entire experience during this time.

So how do we narrow down who fits the role, our culture, our values and vision to power a world where all marketing is relevant?

  •  It starts with defining the role: From the minute a position is identified as a need for the organization, our hiring managers and recruiters get on the same page to talk about business priorities, the position needs, technical requirements and development opportunities. 
  • High touch sourcing and screening: As our recruiters and sourcers cast a wide net through job boards, social media channels and referrals, we pride ourselves in having real conversations with potential candidates. We want to provide an authentic and transparent conversation on the phone, in-person or through video conferencing. It’s all about the candidate experience starting from “Hello!”
  • Developing the interview team: It’s important to us to ensure our interview teams are well prepared to ask the right questions, asses the right skills and know how to interview. We invest in our interview teams to provide them resources such as interview training, assessment tools and sample interview questions.
  • Time for your interview: We use team and one-on-one interviews so we can get a diverse perspective into the candidate's skills and potential fit into our culture. If a candidate cannot meet in person, we leverage our video conference technology to continue the high touch candidate experience.
  • Huddle Up: After our interviews, each person on the interview team documents their assessment of a candidate in our applicant tracking system. Once this happens, the team and recruiter “huddle up” to talk about the candidate’s qualifications, skills and next steps. 

Hiring the Next Wave of Bright Minds

Our university recruiting program is one of the many ways we attract and develop talent at Acxiom to help accelerate company performance and growth. We have numerous touch-points throughout the year at targeted universities including community engagements, on-campus events, career fairs, and interview days. One of the most exciting career fairs we are attending and sponsoring is Grace Hopper, a three-day conference designed to bring together women in computing to discuss research and career interests.

  Rachel Elledge - Diversity Scholarship Winner

Rachel Elledge - Diversity Scholarship Winner

Diversity Scholorships

Since 2012, we’ve awarded 26 scholarships to students who are a member of an underrepresented population in the technology workforce. Winners of our Diversity Scholarship demonstrate a combination of academic achievement, a field of study aimed at Information Technology and professional interest as it relates to our business. In addition to the scholarship, winners also have the opportunity to receive a paid internship where they gain real-world experience, knowledge and skills.

I applied for the Acxiom Diversity Scholarship, which offered a combination of a $5,000 scholarship plus internship opportunities for students. As a female studying Computer Science, this program seemed like an excellent opportunity.

After being awarded a scholarship, I worked as a Software Engineer Intern at Acxiom during the summer. My team quickly brought me up to speed on working with databases, unit testing, and working on software as part of a team.

I’m excited to have been offered a full-time position and will be joining the team after graduation!
— Rachel Elledge, Entry Software Engineer

Welcome to the Acxiom Family!

First impressions are lasting, that is why we strive to make onboarding at Acxiom welcoming and engaging. As the third moment of truth for our associates, we want onboarding to go beyond benefits and forms. We want to connect with our new hires on an emotional level by making them feel a part of our family from the moment they accept an offer. From the minute you walk in the door, someone is there to say hello and welcome you. We pride ourselves in making sure everything is taken care of from your badge to your computer and your workstation. From a friendly smile to an office tour, our welcoming teams new hires settle in and familiarize them with their new surroundings.

At the end of my first day, I left excited by the company’s industry position and value proposition—from both a technical and sales-based perspective. I felt immediately welcomed into the LiveRamp family, and was encouraged to think independently about problems and ask questions constantly.
— Maya Midzik, Technical Content Strategist – New Hire Class of 2016

From “Yes!” to Day 1

The onboarding experience starts from the day our new hire says “Yes!” Here is how we make a high-touch and personable onboarding experience:

  • Welcome: Soon after an offer is made and accepted by our new associate, they receive a “Welcome to Acxiom” email outlining next steps in the onboarding process.
  • A personal call from your Leader: Our leaders call their new hire to share with them the excitement of joining the Acxiom family and team. Leaders and their new associates talk about things like their upcoming start date, answer last minute questions, lunch plans with the team, share weekend plans and what to expect during their first week. This call takes place at least by the Friday before the new hire starts.
  • Swagged Out: What better way to welcome our new hires than with free company swag before day 1?? The box is illustrative of the company’s excitement for the new associate and to help the new hire start to feel at home. The welcome package includes Acxiom themed koozie, mousepad, tumbler, grip pen, badge holder, journal along with our Executive Team’s bios. 
I really enjoyed the welcome phone calls that I received from managers and VP’s.
— Scot Richardson, Principal Analyst, hired 2016
Most positive onboarding experience I have ever experienced! Especially loved the surprise welcome package
— Lavanya Gunasani, IT Platform Manager, hired 2016

Creating a Sense of Belonging

Creating a sense of belonging starts with meeting your team! Getting to know your colleagues, co-workers, and leaders happens organically through team lunches, meeting with their managers, new hire happy hours or programs unique to each of our divisions. Here is an example of how our divisions immediately integrate their new hires: 

New Hire Ice Cream Social

The San Francisco office hosts an ice-cream social with a twist to introduce new hires. The  associates must know two fun facts about the new hires to receive their treat. The new hires wear sombreros so they can be identified while they mingle to get to know each other.

New Hire Quarterly Sales KickStart 

For new hires in revenue-focused roles, we have created a Quarterly Sales KickStart. The KickStart takes place in Central Arkansas and brings together new hires and our Senior Management for a four day, hands-on information session. 

Every part of my onboarding has been amazing… I can’t think of a single thing I would change!
— Craig Murray, VP, Enterprise Solutions, New Hire Class of 2016

Equipping our new Leaders  

Our Leadership Kickstart program is a six-month development program for leaders new to Acxiom or new to a leadership role. The goal is to enable new leaders to transition into their roles effectively and as quickly as possible.  The program is designed to offer a new leader a variety of ways to engage in leadership development and scales the needs of new leaders to those with many years of experience. Our offerings range from a two day in-person workshop to short on-demand videos. 

 A Memorable First-Career Experience 

Our internship program provides hands-on experience, talent development, and fun to our interns to inspire new ideas and innovation. Our interns get visibility into our organization, on the job experience and learn the latest technology that powers a world where all marketing is relevant. 

Not only did I get to work with a team of experienced engineers and astute problem-solvers every day, but also I got a chance every week to speak to one of the senior leaders of the company, including the CEO Scott Howe.

I learned a lot about their vision of the company as well as their personal journey from where they started their career to where they are now.
— Ollie Kwizera, Analyst Intern & Diversity Scholarship Winner
  Members of the leadership team spoke to our interns about their journey with the company, career advice, and value interns bring to Acxiom.

Members of the leadership team spoke to our interns about their journey with the company, career advice, and value interns bring to Acxiom.

And our associates agreed!

In our onboarding survey, 93.6% of new hires felt very welcomed from their offer through their first day at Acxiom. And 82% of new hires rated the Acxiom onboarding experience better than their experience at other companies

Acxiom is a very forward thinking company, both from a technology and human capital standpoint. As a remote associate, distance isn’t an issue as I am equipped with the tools I need to excel in my role all while feeing part of a great team, environment, and culture. Even onboarding with the distance I feel like I am part of a great team, environment, and culture.
— Greg Dolecki, Expert Campaign Operations Manager 2016
It was not only HR and my team that was so helpful, but also fellow associates around my workspace who proactively volunteered their assistance and advice. One of the more notable feelings I have from onboarding was Acxiom felt more than a felt like family.
— Kirk Kuli, Expert Industry Analyst, 2015

 Inspiring One Acxiom 

With our diverse locations and workforce, we have a true "North Star" in our vision, mission, and values. Winning with our clients and industry starts with our associates. It’s important to us to share with our associates on a regular basis how their hard work and dedication is powering a world where all marketing is relevant. By doing this, fuels our values in action - Passion, Accountability, Creativity and Teamwork.

The Acxiom DNA From the Start

On a new hire’s first day, they are introduced to our vision, mission and values in new hire orientation. Their day 1 package they take from orientation reinforces our vision, mission and values as well as our strategic imperatives for the year. It all starts with making sure everyone walking in the door is equipped with the North Star!

Reliable Sources of Truth

  • Acxiom Connect: Acxiom Connect is our company intranet with a dedicated web page to show our vision, mission, and values. In addition, all our division’s priorities are on this web page to continue to promote a culture of transparency and alignment.
  • Acxiom Connect News: The homepage of our intranet features a large news banner that highlights news about our company, product launches, wins, insights from executives and more. Here is a video we used in a recent news article to reinforce our business strategy, mission and divisional structure.
  • Office Posters: A clean, subtle design, our mission, vision and values posters integrates our North Star into the everyday work environments of our associates.
  • Single Sign On Log-in Page: Whenever our associates are working from home or off the network, they need to log-into our network through our VPN single sign on page. As a part of this landing page is an artistic reminder of our company’s mission, vision and values.
  • Line of Sight Slide Template: As a way to ensure our programs, initiatives and presentations stay connected with the company’s bigger picture, divisions and teams have adopted the “Line of Sight” slide template as an opening slide to their presentations. This slide reinforces our vision, mission, values and each division’s purpose.