Living Well with Acxiom Benefits

Our “True North” for our people and culture at Acxiom is to attract, retain and motivate associates that will revolutionize our industry. Acxiom strives to provide associates with an attractive set of benefit options to meet you where you are in life, wellness options to easy your mind and body, and perks to make life a little easier and fun!

  • Military Leave Differential Program: We support our military associates in fulfilling their military obligations.  As one act of support, we provide the difference in pay between their military pay and Acxiom pay. This enables the associate to take care of their military obligations outside Acxiom without any worry of financial impact to them or their family.
  • Celebrating Your Service: Anniversary Grant Program: Acxiom recognizes 2 years, 10 years, 20 year and 30-year service milestones with our Anniversary Grant Program. Associate receives $3,000 worth of restricted stock units (RSUs) that vest 50% after six months and 50% after one year from their grant date. 
  • Having Fun While Getting Fit: To encourage our associates to live a fit and healthy life style, we organize a ten-week walking challenge twice per year. Associates’ must log a minimum of 5,000 steps per day or 30 minutes of exercise 4 times per week. In our most recent Spring walking challenge, we had over 500 participants across 11 global locations who logged 8,500 hours of exercise and 92 million steps!
  • Our Furry Family Members are Covered: Associates’ are offered pet insurance at a 5% discount, with an additional 5% if associates enroll up to three pets. If associates have a large furry family of four plus, associates receive an additional 10% discount. 
  • Earn $200 for Completing a Health Assessment: Associates and their spouse are eligible to receive $200 each per year by completing the Rally Health Risk Assessment through United Health Care. 
  • Earn up to $600 for the Healthy Pregnancy Program: Associates and their spouse can earn $300 upon enrolling in the healthy pregnancy program before the 34th week of pregnancy and an additional $300 upon completing the program. 
  • What’s in Your Future? Retirewise Financial Planning Program: This 4-week workshops series is offered twice per year on topics like financial awareness, budgeting, planning for retirement
  • Taking Care of Your Family: Associates have the ability to use MetLife’s free will preparation services offered through Hyatt Legal Plans. 

We’re There For You When Life Happens

Team - Together Everyone Achieves More. Through the best times and when things get hard, we've got each other's back and also love to celebrate life. Teamwork for us is the cornerstone of our culture!  


Compassion Leave Program: We’re a family, and when we see each other going through hard times, our values of Passion and Teamwork come to light. Associates may donate up to 16 hours from their paid days off benefit to assist fellow associates in time of need. Qualified associates may receive up to 240 paid hours.

“This year our family suffered a heartbreaking tragedy when our youngest son committed suicide as a result of his addiction. One of my first phone calls was to Scott Howe, our CEO.
During the course of the weekend I told Scott that he should stay in California for a big customer event rather than coming to the funeral. Unbeknownst to me he had already made arrangements to charter a jet and fly back to Arkansas the day of the funeral and bring a planeload of our friends. Seeing Scott and many others from California was a source of strength and comfort.
For the next several weeks, Scott called me almost every night to help me deal with the grief to check up on me and to just be there. Then, several months later, he called my cell at 6:30am which usually means something negative has happened.
This time it was a joyous call as he called to tell me that the Acxiom Board had approved a $100,000 donation to the University of Arkansas in the names of our children, my wife and myself as a way to honor the memory of our lost son. I was speechless, completely blown away, tears appeared and every time I have told others of this I have a hard time holding back tears as the gift is so meaningful to my family to and to me.
The support during the time of grief from my teams and friends at Acxiom was remarkable and underscored the feeling of family that I have experienced over the last 17 years at Acxiom."

- Jerry Jones, EVP of Legal and Privacy

Associate Assistance Program: Associates covered under Acxiom’s Long-Term Disability policy take advantage of our associate Assistance Program that is also available to their immediate family.  These services include:

  • Up to 5 face to face sessions
  • 24x7 Telephonic assistance for marital, family, personal, stress, anger, alcohol/drug abuse, death and dying
  • Financial phone counseling sessions
  • Assistance from attorneys — one free 30 minute session
  • Access to information — child care, elder care, adoption, education
  • Web access 24x7

Engagement Transformation

We want to create an awesome workplace where associates feel engaged and want to come to work every day. We always have purpose and intention to our programs and events. It’s a two way street: our culture and businesses support each other and are tied at the hip because our biggest asset is our people. It’s important to Acxiom that we invest in our culture and stimulate a healthy work life balance even when our associates are at work.

Dedicated engagement strategy and committees: Our global site engagement strategy that is built on the foundation of our values and business strategy to ensure we continue to tie back to what’s important to our business. The pillars of how we build our site engagement events and programs are around New Hires, Philanthropy, Diversity and Inclusion, Wellness and Team Building.

Each of our global locations have a dedicated committee lead by a HR Senior Leader, Facilities Manager and Business Leader. These people are the dedicated engagement team at each of our locations and typically pull in other associates at their location to help create, organize and bring to life our fun and exciting events.

But it doesn’t stop there! Twice per year, our global committee works together to do two events that are the same across all of our locations to truly bring our global community together with a single purpose or cause.  

Taking the Time to Celebrate Us

 Scott Howe, Chief Excecutive Officer

Scott Howe, Chief Excecutive Officer

Acxiom hosted an afternoon, at the Verizon Center in Little Rock, for associates both past and present from our Conway and Little Rock offices. 

The event had everything required for a great party – food, drinks and live music. More than 1,100 attendees were welcomed by the sounds of the Memphis-based band, The Memphis Soul Revue, playing “Celebrate.”  Special guests included the Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchison, Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola, and Conway Mayor Tab Townsell.

 CEO Scott Howe followed with an inspiring message about the strength of working together to achieve goals; and the importance of both supporting and challenging your teammates.

Acxiom Family Fun Run and Kids Day

At Acxiom, we believe not all Wellness activities involve a weight machine or a treadmill (although we like those, too). We also provide Wellness programming that incorporates a social component with the physical such as lunchtime yoga classes, our “Hoop De Dupe” three-on-three basketball tournament, and our intramural soccer matches. One of our favorite events this year was our Acxiom Family Fun Run and Kids Day because it involved fitness, families and lots of fun.

We just wanted to let you know what a fun time we had on Saturday! So much fun that when it was time to go our boys didn’t want to leave, and honestly, we didn’t either! Can’t wait for next year! What a great event!
— Brynn Everitts, Human Resources

Acxiom Night at the Kane County Cougars

It was a gorgeous summer evening in the western Chicago suburbs when a gathering of about 100 Acxiom associates and family members came together for baseball, brews, brats, burgers, and bonding. 

The evening culminated with an impressive fireworks show that everyone loved – especially the kiddos! 

Cereal Drive and RiverMarket Floor Mixer

To celebrate the completion of moving associates to their new work locations, we planned a mixer for associates to connect with each other and served as a kick-off to the Our ImPACT Cereal drive competition. 

And the competition challenge?

Which floor can collect the most cereal boxes and build the tallest free standing structure with their donated items to win a pizza party on the house! After the competition, we collected a total 434 cereal boxes and close to $100.

NYC Game Night with Surprise Guest Bartender

It was supposed to be just a regular happy hour game night to get associates out of the office and socialize after a long week. But low and behold who wanted to crash the party – our CEO, Scott Howe.

All three divisions were represented and played Othello, Backgammon, Chess, Cards against Humanity and Settlers of Catan.


RampCamp is a long standing LiveRamp tradition started by our own Auren Hoffman back when LiveRamp used to be called Rapleaf.

Upon arrival, guests were given their welcome packs containing a baseball tee, cap, flashlight and a RampCamp guide with a list of activities for the weekend. On Friday night, we had a cowboy themed party which to much to our surprise, folks we very into! There were a constant stream of activities all weekend but we had to uphold RampCamp traditions with the Settlers of Catan tournament, and relays.

An often heard phase from large companies is, ‘Do you remember when we used to do this, or that?’ or ‘we used to do all sorts of cool things and people used to get together now we just sit at our desks and punch in and out’.

We enjoy taking the time out of our day to plan awesome events and giving our associates the chance to help us plan some fun at work.”
— Nick Pecchenino, Sr Manager Corporate Finance